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We all have the power to be intuitive. We are born with the inner sense of knowing – we just need to tap into it again and strengthen those intuitive muscles. When we’re kids we’re more in tune with the energy of the world. As we grow older we tend to complicate things by using our brain (logical) instead of our inner knowing (heart and gut). A lot of Women want to tap back in to their heart space and understand that there is more to life than just sleeping, eating, working etc. Trusting and building intuition can create a more fulfilling life of peace, calm and love. I have outlined the 5 ways I believe you can build you’re inner knowing – Intuition below.


Be present with everything you do. Be aware of everything you do. Pay attention to your body, the breeze, the food you eat the people around you. Connect with the energy happening right now. Listen to the sounds around you. Become aware of everything that is making up this moment right now! You cannot think of the past and dwell on things that have happened when you are focusing on this moment right here. You don’t have to worry about the future that hasn’t even happened yet. Just soak in this blissful and perfect moment right now.


Meditation has so many proven benefits. Not just for improving your intuition but to improve your Health and well being too. A daily practice of only 10 minutes can create massive long term positive change.There are 3 stages of Mediation. 1) Alpha - relaxed awareness. 2) Theta - trance, 3) Delta - transcendental experience. But the first stage - Alpha is the place you want to sit in because that stage can help you to improve your intuition. It’s the stage that heightens your emotional connections with others and brings in awareness.

BE stop DOing

The easiest way to explain this to you is this way… How many people do you know that say they are “Spiritual”. They think they are because they light candles, do yoga, collect Crystals (and cleanse them in the full moon). They probably talk “Spiritual” talk (and let others know about it) a lot. They may read all the “Spiritual” books and fill their homes with “Spiritual” stuff. They are DOing. How many of them are actually BEing? BEing a Spiritual person doesn’t really require any of that stuff. In fact you probably wouldn’t even recognize most Spiritual people by the way they dress or the “stuff” they have. The energy they emit is the real proof they are BEing the person they want to be. They naturally attract similar energies to them and they accomplish much in life. They understand that to be BE Spiritual you have to encompass everything, all the time. You can’t just switch it on and off when you decide you want to! You can’t judge others and BE Spiritual. You can’t direct hate at others and BE Spiritual. A meditation in a circle blanket surrounded by Crystals won’t compensate. (Like confession for some Catholics) for unspiritual behaviour. So consciously become aware of who you are Being and maybe it’s time to stop doing all things you may be doing because of whatever beliefs or thoughts rule you. When you begin to live life in a way that allows you to BE the person you want to be your intuition will increase naturally.

Listen to the voice inside your head

Intuition is that voice inside your head. To clear the space to allow yourself to hear it you need to stop the chatter that goes on! Monitor your thoughts. What are you telling yourself? Is it positive or negative? Is there a thought that cycles on repeat? Does it make you feel better or worse. Does it help you to be the person you want to be? When you start to meditate, Live in a state of Mindfulness and begin to BE the person you want to be - the voice inside your head will get clearer and you will hear it so that it helps you to tune in to your intuition.


Get a beautiful book and start to write down anything that comes up after you meditate or wake in the morning after sleep. You may get insights to help you answer a question or give you a feeling about something you felt stuck in. Jot down random thoughts and ideas that come to you during the day. Little by little this will create a shift because you will be focusing on your inner voice and of course your intuition!

Taking little steps each day will build up your intuition and your own trust in listening to yourself.

Ramona x



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